Disability, elderly and health law

Attorney at law, Dr. Johannes Groß, specialist for social law, can help advise on all social law matters, including the care of sick and needy people. Since 1999, Dr. Groß has been practicing disability law and has authored numerous legal papers on the matter. He is aided by Mr. Günter Eibert. Dr. Groß also runs a free online service in relation to social law, which you can find at www.pflegerechtsberater.de. (In German)

Disability law encompasses the rights of the insured, under the (mainly German) government’s sick- and nursing insurance. This centers around the representation of patients, often with specific needs, after the denial of claims by the insurance.

Attorney at law Dr. Groß represents the claims of the insured, along with the implementation of welfare programs, especially those involving:

  • Reimbursement for clinical and medical care
  • Reimbursement for 24-hour emergency care
  • Rights for health insurance (Medical care, in-home care, aid, treatment etc.)
  • Rights provided by health insurance (Daily care, care brackets, and preventative care)
  • Right to Social help (help for care)

For providers, our representation usually opposes the viewpoint of the welfare, support, and nursing insurances. These cases mostly center on the legal problems following compensation issues, supply contracts and questions of quality. Dr. Groß represents the providers in the implementation of their demands and claims, especially those involving:

  • Supply contracts of the providers following SGB V, SGB XI, SGB VII
  • Advising and representing ambulates and care facilities
  • Care contract law and other contracts
  • Advising ambulates on living situations

For more information please visit www.pflegerechtsberater.de. (In German)

Your experts for disability and health law are:

Attorney  Dr. Johannes Groß, specialist for disability and health law
Tel.: 030-440330-25
E-Mail: gross(at)bghp.de

Attorney  Katharina Behrens-von Hobe, specialist for disability and health law
Tel.: 030-440330-17
Telefax: 030-440330-22
E-Mail: behrens(at)bghp.de

Sozialrecht / Pflegerecht
Social / Public Welfare Law