Family Law

We offer the following services, in relation to family law:

  • Advice and representation on the matter of divorce and separation
  • Working out divorce and separation contracts
  • Advice and representation on alimony matters
  • Advice and representation on care and contact cases
  • Completing (familial) contracts
  • Advice and representation on receiving (child) support from the government

We emphasize mutual and fair agreements when it comes to family law and separations. This does not only lessen the emotional load on members of the family, but it also speeds the process and regularly leads to much more cost-effective solutions.

For more free information on family law, please visit (German)

One can fill out divorce papers on that website. Afterward, we can help provide a divorce/separation contract and you receive  financial advice for the separation.

Your experts on family and divorce law are:

Attorney  Katharina Behrens-von Hobe, Specialist for family and divorce law
Tel.: 030-440330-17
Telefax: 030-440330-22

Attorney  Dr. Johannes Groß, M.A., Specialist for family and divorce law
Tel.: 030-440330-25
Fax: 030-440330-22
E-Mail: gross(at)

Family Law