Industrial Constitutional Law

We, counsel, teach, and represent worker’s councils of all types and support the implementation of worker’s rights in establishments.

Now, more than ever, the effective protection of worker’s rights is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the need to understand and apply these rights can be extremely decisive. The knowledge of these rights is often the difference between a worker’s council being able to defend itself and improve the position of its constituents or lose their control over situations.

Companies and job providers often already know the rights of its workers and make liberal use of lawyers and consulting firms to improve their knowledge of these rights. It is our belief, that the workers and the worker’s councils should have the equal amount of knowledge and support on the basis of their rights. We offer our specialized knowledge and experience, to help the worker’s councils reach an equal playing field with their companies and diminish the gap between them. We do not represent job providers.

Our strategy is to carefully and proactively guide our clients, to avoid future legal problems while solving current issues. Worker’s councils and general work councils can contact us at any time, in any situation. We can check and help create operating agreements, support workers in negotiations, work on settlements, provide knowledge, advise on issues, act as consultants or work as attorneys of record.

We will personally stand by your side when counsel is needed. You can trust our counsel, as we lay extreme value on quality, transparency, and efficiency. Through detailed analysis and clear language, we can offer councils an array of plans of action and allow advise them, while allowing the councils to come to a sovereign and resilient decision.

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Attorney Thomas Berger specialist for labor law
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 Attorney Thomas Ebinger, LL.M., specialist for labor law
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 Attorney Stefanie Kirschner, LL.M., specialist for labor law
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 Attorney David-Sebastian Schumann, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Specialist for labor law
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 Attorney Martin Fieseler
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 Attorney Priyanthan Thilagaratnam, Specialist for worker‘s rights
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 Attorney Stephan Puhlmann
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 Attorney Christian Lunow, Specialist for worker‘s rights
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 Attorney Dr. Katharina Wandscher, MLE, specialist for labor law
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 Attorney Benedikt Rüdesheim, LL.M.
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Industrial Constitution Law