Inheritance Law

Consultations in German and International inheritance law, heirship, and law of succession.

We help our clients in the following areas:

  • Creating testaments and planning heirship
  • Law of succession (for corporations and tax reasons)
  • International inheritance
  • Dealing with estates
  • Protection of and defense against statutory share claims
  • Consultation on power of attorney and living wills

Inheritance law is best practiced before any inheriting is to be done. Therefore we advise our clients in the writing of their testaments and/or wills etc. In all cases of inheritance, be they simple family ones or the succession to a company, certain common questions arise (who should inherit, what should the shares be made out of and how are they influenced, how can this be accessed/changed during life etc.), but one must also consider the role of taxes and other given “pitfalls” for heirs. Our goal is not only to answer these questions and write the most practical will, but also to write a will that allows you to express yourself and avoid any future conflict. Most conflicts following an inheritance stem from an unclear or improper testament, which you can avoid with our consultation.

After inheritance does occur, we are able to represent our clients in court and in extrajudicial negotiations, to protect or protect from inheritance claims, and also help take action with inheritance claims. We represent single heirs, groups of inheritors, mediate between heirs and can also act as executors of the testament.

A large part of our inheritance work deals with the issues that arise from international inheritance, multi-citizenship heirs, and heirs outside of their homeland.

We will represent you in front of the local, state, and even national courts, as long as it makes financial sense for you.

For more free information on inheritance- and international inheritance law, please visit this website: (in German)

Your experts for inheritance law are:

  Attorney Sebastian Höhmann, Specialist for inheritance law
  Tel.: 030-440330-24
  E-Mail: hoehmann(at) 

 Attorney Elisabeta Schidowezki, Specialist for inheritance law
  Tel. 030-440330-28
  E-Mail: schidowezki(at)

 Attorney Nele Kliemt, Specialist for inheritance law
  Tel. 030-440330-12
  E-Mail: kliemt(at)

Inheritance Law