Inheritance Tax Law

One cannot plan or discuss inheritance or succession planning without taking inheritance- and transfer tax into account.

We hope to practice inheritance law before a testament, will, gift, succession etc. is put into action. This way we can mitigate any issues that may come up. We provide consultations on tax allowances, tax-free gifts, tax classes, and different taxes that come into play with inheritance (these are similar to those with all transfer tax regulations).

However, after inheriting does occur, there are still many tax-related questions that can be answered and taxes that can be avoided or minimized.

We are also experienced with the interconnection of income tax and inheritance- and transfer taxes. Therefore, we can work with your tax advisor (or recommend a new one) to provide you with the largest possible benefits.

We can help with the submission of your paperwork, and if litigation or enduring problems occur, we are willing to interact with the ministry of finance and take up financial legal processes.

For more free information on inheritance- and transfer tax, please visit this website: (in German)