Unless otherwise agreed, our fees follow the Lawyers’ Compensation Act (of Germany), which determines the price lawyers can charge in relation to the value of the issue at hand.

For any out of court consultations and in case the fees for representation according to the Lawyers’ Compensation Act are not adequate, we will agree upon a fee with you. The exact amount of fee per hour will depend on the (economic) importance of your case and on the complexity of the matter. We offer an initial consultation at a flat rate of 190 € plus 20 € postal and telecommunication flat rate and VAT  (=249,90 €).

In cases of need, we will also enact the framework of consultative and legal aid for our clients.

To do so, you have to apply to the proper regional court for a consulting aid certificate prior to the consultation. The price for the consultation will then be 15€. We will help you with further applications for legal aid. For more information on aid click on this link: here.(German)

For more information about government aid and forms please look here (German) or call us and we would be happy to help you.

If you have a legal protection insurance we will, if you wish, inquire about the coverage in your case. Then, if appropriate, we will settle the bill directly with your provider. If you want to be sure whether or not and to which extent your costs are covered ask, your legal protection insurance for a coverage notice.