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The law firm Berger Groß Höhmann & Partner

Berger Groß Höhmann & Partner was founded in 2002 by the attorneys at law Thomas Berger, Dr. Johannes Groß and Sebastian Höhmann and has steadily grown since then.

The interests of our clients form the center of our activities. It is our ambition to find solutions to our clients’ problems rather than answering legal questions in the abstract. We fight for the interests and rights of our clients even if we have to take on prevailing opinion, strong interests or powerful opponents. For our clients we shy away neither from conflict nor from compromise.

In this we emphasize individuality and personal, trusting contact with our clients. We see it as a major asset of our law firm that autonomous personalities act as attorneys at law and contribute their different strengths, experiences, ideas and temperaments.

With this variety all of us stand up in our work for a social and democratic state under the rule of law guaranteeing equal rights to everyone and not just to the (financially) strongest. As a matter of course, therefore, we accept legal aid mandates for consultation and litigation within the scope of our legal expertise.

In common we have legal qualifications achieved by specialization and accounted for by accredited titles covering our legal fields. We update our knowledge continuously and impart it in further training to clients, to other lawyers and to the public by internet on our consulting web site.

We are independent and reliable members of a free advocacy and are convinced that you as our clients will appreciate this in practice.

Working for our clients we combine the various legal disciplines. We advise, represent and train:

  • Works councils including central and group-wide councils
  • Employees, executive staff and managers
  • Patients and persons in need of care
  • Ambulatory, partly ambulatory and stationary care services or homes
  • Care associations and societies
  • Company shareholders and owners
  • Testators, heirs, joint heirs and other beneficiaries in Germany and abroad
  • Married couples

We contribute to Berlin’s cultural life by regular exhibitions (i.a.Mark Kubitzke, Nele Probst, Johannes AlbersHannah Förster,Anja Brendle,Marita Fried). Also we have supported a number of cultural projects such as the film “Testamento” about a latinamerican lawyer and freedom fighter, the documentary film “Es geht nicht nur um unsere Haut” ("It´s not only about our own skin") about the strike for the continued operation of the Bosch Siemens Works in Berlin-Spandau, the theatre project “Scene Bites-Special Edition: Family” or the jubilee concert of  pianist Cecilia Pillado honouring the Argentinian composer Guardo Gustavino.

If you have any questions about us or our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.    

You can find more detailed information about our office in our office brochure.

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