Our special legal fields

Our clients form the center of our activities. The needs of our clients, therefore, determine the special legal fields covered by us.

In labor law we represent/or train

Workers groups including central and group-wide workers councils in working agreements, negotiations with employers, in compromises and in courts of law and also as experts and consultants.

In corporate law we represent

employees, executive staff, and managers in matters such as; the conclusion of contracts, warnings, notices, and transfers, and in relation to employers, authorities, and courts.

In care service law we represent

patients and persons in need of care in relation to health and care offices, along with insurance companies and authorities in cases of denial of care services, in the drawing up of precautionary authorizations, patients' instructions, and wills.

ambulatory, partially-ambulatory, and stationary care services or homes in relation to assistance offices, insurance companies and authorities in negotiations and social court proceedings and also in the establishment of their enterprise, the planning of succession and its sale/purchase.

care associations and groups in all contractual negotiations, court proceedings and procedures with authorities, in structuring the work of the association and grouping, in drafting the statutes, internet presentation, and all matters of day-to-day business.

In company law we represent

shareholders and firm owners in the founding of companies ( especially civil law companies and companies with limited liability), in the drafting of statutes and company agreements, in controversies among shareholders, in the preparation and implementation of succession arrangements and with purchase and sale;

In IT-law we represent

companies, firm owners, employees, developer in all IT- law matters;

In inheritance and inheritance tax law we represent

testators, heirs, joint heirs, and lawful share beneficiaries in their succession planning and in the case of death, avoiding inheritance tax and in inheritance disputes,
when legal or taxation proceedings become necessary. We have frequent cases with reference to foreign countries (e.g. assets or residence abroad, foreign partner) and of company succession;

businesspersons in the planning of company succession;

In alternative settlement of conflict by mediation

we act as qualified mediator who especially in cases of family and inheritance conflict supports the party who tries itself to find a solution even outside the legal requirements.


Our special legal fields